Manage your marketing with Vergo

Automated, data-driven, target-oriented advertising technology


Content Management

Vergo's easy-to-use content management system is intuitive, allowing users of any skill-level to leverage the digital signage solution quickly by step-by-step guidance


Omni-Channel Marketing

Reach your target audience when they are offline with digital boards and screens, leveraging the power of omni-channel marketing, influence buyer's decision with interactive storytelling content


Boost Sales

Unlock new revenue by connecting your sales to target audience comprehensively


Open API

Connect Vergo with the tools you love by using our open API, no matter it is on an point of information kiosk, POS application, or queuing system


Data Analytics

Track the number of interactions made by each advertisement, through the times the QR code has been scanned, the times display has been clicked or phone calls made. Determine which position and advertisement has the most traffic and conversion rate


AI Integratable

Integrate your marketing with state-of-the-art AI technology, for example, integrate facial recognition to analyze how far away your audiences were when they approached, their gender and age, the time they stayed in front of the advertisement


Compatible with different hardware

Meet different scenario, no matter out-door or in-door

  • FEC Kiosk series
  • While your kiosk is not in use at the moment, you can play an advertising campaign via Vergo with a high return on investment
  • FEC Monitor series
  • Small size on the table side to big size in public area, FEC offers you various monitor options, from 8" to 43"
  • FEC POS series
  • Build in your customer loyalty program with the advertisement easily, helping promote offers and deals at the counter
  • 3rd party displays
  • With the open-API and cloud-based architecture, you can run Vergo on any kind of displays

Vergo Connect

Sign into one account and push notifications to all selected stores at the scheduled time.


Click & Publish

Manage store advertising from a single point for multiple ads with different timeframe setting up.



Set up different promotions at different times of the day for easy scheduling daily promotions.


Remote Ads Publish

Arrange your advertisement anywhere anytime without regionality limit.




Display the most appropriate contents to customers by cross analyzing data from sensors, cameras or BT/WIFI signals. With abundant data already generated in the virtual world, physical digital signage is the last piece of puzzle for omni-channel marketing, increasing your upsell sales and make your marketing in a much more efficient way


Interactive digital signage provides your area a new way to engage tourists and connect local attractions by promoting events and providing information (such as weather and transportation), increasing the rate of visits and stimulating local economy. Airport, tourism center or any town squares can be fitted well

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